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10 Sexy Selfie Twitters (Hot Girl Accounts)

Updated by Tempocams

Most Twitter accounts who post sexy selfies tend to have several problems. For example, they share spammy links, rarely tweet, or include not-so-sexy pictures.

There are only a few novelty accounts good enough to follow. – So we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top profiles who share pictures of hot girls!

Let’s jump into it with an overview:

1. @SexySelfies_x3

@SexySelfies_x3 is a Twitter that’s growing with 20k+ followers currently.

They deliver what you might expect.Tweets daily of hot girls taking pictures!

You’ll find babes at the beach, chicks in bikinis, and fit women taking mirror selfies. Also, fans can direct message them to send their own hot photos.

Overall, there are a lot of real girls taking authentic selfies and a lot more sexiness!

2. @BabeSelfies_x3

@BabeSelfies_x3 is another profile that’s sitting at around 13k+ followers.

Check them out for daily sexy selfies of girls with hot bodies.Honestly, it doesn’t get better than that!

Like its sister account above, they have a thirsty addiction for booty. So if you like your women with thickness and curves, then this is the Twitter profile for you.

3. @DudeSheSquats

@DudeSheSquats is next up on our top list with over 100k+ followers.

Every tweet has babes with a nice booty!This profile appeals to the ‘bro’ inside us.

Breaking it down, they share sexy pictures of horny girls, all the way to POV shots.

4. @TheBaddi3sPage

@TheBaddi3sPage has 118k+ followers and shares a dozen babe selfies daily.

Love hot teen chicks?Then you’ll be in heaven here!

Try looking through their account history to see girls at parties or cuddling in bed. Almost every hour they tweet photos of gorgeous women with amazing racks.

If you want a constant stream of hotties, this is the perfect profile to follow.

5. @Superb_Selfie

@Superb_Selfie is highly popular with 139k+ followers.

They share pictures of sexy girls.Who aren’t afraid to show their bodies!

Overall, expect several tweets per day from these guys. However, after seeing the selfies this account posts you’ll be dying for more.

6. @BubbleClips

@BubbleClips only has 4.7k+ followers, which is tiny compared to others.

But they share some of the best babes on our list!At a rate of over 35 per week.

Since it’s the profile for an adult video site, it’s no surprise they’re so good.

7. @WhoaGirls

@WhoaGirls is a another small Twitter with 3.7k+ followers.

Although, the sexy selfies they post are incredibly alluring!Plus, they tweet around 3 or 4 times daily.

On a side note, you may already be familiar with them since it’s the official account for a popular adult cam site.

8. @Tempocams

@Tempocams is our own novelty babe account with about 2500 followers.

We tweet over 24 selfies per week.Only sharing pictures of the hottest girls!

Additionally, many of these are from popular Twitter & Instagram models. While ours is just starting out, you can count on us to keep up the quality.

Send a follow because we’d appreciate it!

9. @Yogacuties

@Yogacuties has 135k+ followers and only shares selfies of girls in yoga pants.

Love how leggings grip a woman’s body?This is the account to follow!

Not to mention, you might even see a few cameltoe pictures on occasion.

10. @SexyBabeNetwork

@SexyBabeNetwork is the final profile on our list with 640k+ followers.

What should you expect?Around 10 new sexy girls in your feed every day!

They have a monopoly of athletic babes by retweeting hot photos that real women share. In fact, the volume of selfies they post might even surprise you.

But as a warning, this Twitter account has adult (18+) content occasionally!

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